General Questions

Because we want to make it easier for you

Do I need to pay deposit to book?

Yes, a deposit secures your moving date.

My move date has changed. What should I do?

If your move date has changed, not to worry. We are happy to accommodate with a rescheduling. We also keep the moving deposit for 2 scheduling. From your 3rd scheduling, the moving deposit no longer goes towards the total bill due at the end of your move, and you will need to pay a new deposit. We require a 24 hour notice.

How are items insured?

Items packed by the Wrap-it Moving team are insured under Article 10 of Schedule 4, Specified Conditions of Carriage — Household Goods in the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations of British Columbia. This insurance provides minimal coverage at no additional cost. The maximum coverage is $1.32 per kilogram per article. For example, if your dresser weighing at 40kg is damaged during the move, you would receive 40kg x $1.32 = $52.80 compensation. You can trust our experienced and dedicated Wrap-it Moving team to make every effort to make sure your items will be transported safely, with extra care. However, you are more than welcomed to purchase additional coverage insurance if you wish. For full-value protection or special item coverage, please check out insurance brokers near you for something that fits your needs and your budget, and purchase it before the moving day. All claims have to be made within 24 hours from the completion of the move.

How many hours does it take to move?

Moving times vary based on the size of a home, number of rooms and items. The average time for a move is:

Studio/1 Bedroom (600sqft) 2-3hrs

2 Bedrooms (800sqft) 3-5hrs

3 Bedrooms (1300sqft) 4-6hrs (2-3 movers)

4 Bedrooms (1800sqft) 6-7hrs (3-4 movers)

5 Bedrooms (2000+sqft) 7-9hrs (4-5 movers)

Other factors such as stairs, extra large or heavy items, distance between our moving truck and the entrance of the building, etc could also impact how long a move can be.

Do you move single items?

Yes! Did you buy a couch, wardrobe or shelving unit from Craigslist or Marketplace but don’t have the truck space to bring it home? We can help you pick up the item and deliver it to you.

Payments & Billing

When do I pay for the move or service?

Payment is due when the move or service is complete. You do not need to pay for any part of the service except for the deposit to secure your move until the move or service is finished.

Do you charge for overweight items?

Yes, we charge a 3.5% processing fee for credit card transactions which is a third party point-of-sale company charge. To avoid this added amount and save money, we recommend you to pay by cash, debit card or e-transfer.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, we don’t have any hidden fees. The fees will either be charged hourly plus travel time, or at a flat rate, based on the information you provide at booking. We will tell you about any additional charges before we confirm your booking.

If you end up having items you didn’t tell us about which may require extra attention such as overweight items, or needing junk removal service, please let the Wrap-it Moving team know before the move begins so we can update you on any extra fee information.

What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept cash, debit, all major credit cards, and e-transfer. We do not accept cheque.

Is there a credit card processing fee?

Yes, we charge 4% processing fee for credit card payments because we are charged a fee by third party point of sell companies for each transaction. For this reason we recommend our customers pay cash to be able to save some money.

Should we tip the movers?

If you are satisfied with our service, a tip would be greatly appreciated. Our dedicated team strives to make your moving day stress-free, going the extra mile with a smile. Your tip would brighten our team's day, just as they aim to brighten yours with exceptional customer service.