Junk Removal Service


Common Items We Take:


Furnitures, mattresses, appliances, computers, TVs and other electronics, gym equipments, tools, random household junk, toys, hot tubs, boxes, pianos, bicycles, books, etc.

Common Items We Don’t Take and Junk Removal Companies Won’t Accept:


Hazardous waste such as concrete (not all companies take - always ask if they accept), oil, gasoline, fuel, household cleaners, fluorescent light bulbs, pharmaceuticals, fireworks, household hazardous waste, paint, asbestos, etc.

Junk Removal Service Cost

The cost of junk removal can vary depending on the item, material and volume. We can haul your junk away at a flat-rate which includes the cost charged by the junk removal company and expenses on getting the job done. Prices can range from $129 for small piles of junk to a starting rate of $799 for full loads. Extra charges may apply to special items or unusual quantity such as pianos, tires, and excessive quantity of books. Call or email us for details.

Our services include:

• Mattresses Removal

• Fridge Removal

• Dishwashers, Washer / Dryer Removals

• Hot Tubs and Bathtubs Removal

• Piano Removal

• Construction Sites and Demolition

• Sofas, Bed Frames, Couches Removal

• Dining Sets, Chairs, and Other Furniture Removal