Moving Tips

Simple tips with a big impact. These easy tips will help make your move smooth and easy!

1. Get prepared

Planning is everything. You will have less to worry on the big day if you start planning early and get organized.

2. Schedule utilities for your new place

Once you have a finalized move-in date, contact all utility providers to service at or transfer service to your new place. You don’t want to arrive at your new home, late or tired, only to find that you have no water, electricity or internet.

3. Prioritize packing

The core of a moving process lies in packing and it is essential to prioritize it accordingly. Walk around your home to see what you have, take the time to decide, list out and organize what you will be taking with you and what you no longer need, what you will pack and what you want the movers to pack.

4. Purge and declutter

Throwing or giving away, donating or selling items you no longer use or need will not only help reduce the amount you’ll need to pack, move and unpack, you will also be helping out your community, creating space in your new home, and may even help you make some money. Wrap-It Moving can also help you with junk removal or bringing items to donation centres.

5. Label your boxes

Labelling each box with what is inside and which room it goes will help you and the movers a great deal with unloading and unpacking. Numbering your boxes and keeping an inventory list is also a good way to keep track of everything you have packed and will need to unpack.

6. Keep essentials handy

Pack a box or bag with all essential items so you can find them easily. Essential items can include first-night necessities, a first aid kit or supplies, and items you will need immediately after the move. Your essential box or bag should be the last thing to be loaded onto the truck, or go with you in your personal vehicle.

7: Safeguard your valuables

Keep your most valuable items such as cash, passports, jewellery etc with you. This way, both you and the movers don’t need to worry about keeping track of these small but important items.

8. Arrange parking for moving truck

Having a driveway will always make a move much easier but if you don’t have one, organize parking closest to the entrance of your pick-up and drop-off locations if possible. Check to see if you could get a temporary parking permit from the city. Here is the link for the City of Vancouver. Please check online for other municipalities.

9. Reserve elevator

If you live in a condo or apartment, check with your building manager or concierge about booking an elevator or service elevator if there is one. This way, the elevator will only be used by you and the movers during the booking period, making the move much shorter since the elevator won’t be shared with other residents in the building.

10. Post-move essential

Make sure you are leaving your old home clean and in order for the landlord or new occupants. Vacuum, sweep or mop up all surfaces. Make sure all holes from things like picture frames, mirrors or shelves on the wall are patched up and painted over.